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What is composite bonding for teeth?

What is composite bonding for teeth?

Have you ever wondered how unfair it is that the beautiful people always seem to sail through life, with minimal problems? One of the key features that helps them is their attractive smiles. According to multiple studies into the phenomenon of smiling; studies that have taken place all over the world, it’s not just potential partners who are more likely to be interested in us if we smile nicely at them, but also our bosses. Smiles play a big part in who gets recruited and promoted. Getting your smile fixed now could mean a salary increase for you later in the year!

If you feel embarrassed about your smile, because your teeth are chipped, cracked, harbour many gaps, or are stained, composite bonding is a solution. It’s relatively low cost and achieves excellent results. This is a treatment which will cover unsightly cracks and stains, giving you straighter, whiter, corrected teeth. We can help you restore your smile in no time, giving you the confidence to reveal your teeth once again.

About composite bonding

You may have heard of dental veneers and composite bonding works in a similar way. It’s a resin that your dentist will mould to your teeth to correct any issues you might be having with broken teeth. Chips can be fixed, gaps disguised and stains covered; all to give you a whiter, smoother, more even smile. Additionally composite bonding can also be used in the case of fillings – to make them more discreet.

Once the resin is in place, not only should your whole facial appearance benefit from an enhanced smile, but your broken teeth will be stronger. The resin offers support and protection against further damage occurring. As long as you take adequate care of your fixed teeth, no further visits to the cosmetic dentist should be necessary (as long as no new cracks are acquired!)

How does it work

The resin pieces we’ll use will be custom made by us to perfectly fit your very individual set of teeth. In the first place, you’ll visit us for a consultation and we’ll be able to assess what needs to be achieved and how that will be done. Then, during your actual appointment, we’ll shape the tooth, or teeth, which are going to benefit from the composite bonding material before applying it. This is necessary for the finished texture of the tooth, or teeth, to be smooth and seamless. We want your friends and family to simply notice your beautifully restored smile, not the tools with which we work!

The resin is built to last. As long as you’re careful with it, you can brush your teeth as normal and continue to smile with confidence for many years to come. Why not find out more about the smile makeovers we can provide by calling and registering with our practice. We also have a general dentistry department that can take care of the ongoing care of your teeth and ensure they look as good as they possible can.

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