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The benefits of teeth whitening

teeth whitening treatments

Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in the gel used in teeth whitening treatments and precisely the reason why dentally prescribed formulas are so much more effective than toothpastes that claim to provide whitening effects. Active ingredients, which are proven to have an effect, must be applied with guidance and not sold over the counter.

If you choose to have your teeth whitened professionally at our clinic, you will receive an all-over, predictably whiter shade, rather than waste money and possibly risk your tooth health, by applying multiple treatments to see any difference at all. That was always the problem with the teeth whitening home kits.

Whitening toothpastes may have a go at tackling some of the stains or discolouration on the surface of your tooth enamel, but the gels we provide here at the Clarendon House Dental Centre also remove stains that lie beneath the enamel. Your dentist knows better than anyone how to achieve brighter, more attractive teeth, so don’t fall victim to exaggerated claims made by supermarket products. These same products need to be safe enough for anyone to use and potentially misuse, which is why they offer only mild results,  if any at all.

What does the teeth whitening process involve?

Although an experienced dental practitioner will prescribe the gel that you’ll use and advise you thoroughly on the treatment, you will actually administer it yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

During your initial visit, we’ll take impressions of your teeth. This is what we need in order to create custom-made mouth trays, into which you’ll apply the whitening gel. You’ll wear these trays for 2-4 weeks over your upper and low rows of teeth, giving your teeth time to whiten gradually. Our patients love the fact that they can administer this treatment themselves. It means you can watch television or go about the daily, or nightly routine of your choosing. It’s preferable to sitting in a dentist’s chair for hours on end (though we completely won’t be offended if you admit this… We promise).

Your smile expectations and how to prolong the results

We expect your teeth to achieve a shade that is 8 times lighter and results that will last for up to 2 years. You can then have a top up treatment, which will only require you to wear the trays for a further 7 nights.

To help keep your teeth a bright shade of white following your treatment, you could make a conscious effort to not over-consume food and drinks that are known to stain teeth, such as tea, coffee and curry. This will prolong the effects.

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Your new attractive smile will not only give you more confidence in showing off your teeth when you grin, but also make you look younger! Our teeth naturally discolour with age, so whiter teeth will help turn the clock back on your appearance. Please get in touch to book a consultation with us to find out about achieving a more flattering smile and potentially also a more rejuvenated appearance.