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Surprising uses of dermal fillers!

Surprising uses of dermal fillers!

In terms of modern anti-ageing treatments, dermal fillers are one of the most popular. Offered here at Clarendon House Dental, the non-surgical treatment is an incredibly effective way to turn back the clock and tackle the signs of ageing. By filling out hollowed skin, contouring the face, filling out lips or smoothing out wrinkles, dermal fillers can completely rejuvenate your appearance.

The fillers are made of Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance within the body meaning the body is very likely to accept the foreign substance in the treated area. The treatment has long been proven perfectly safe if administered by a licensed practitioner.

The most common areas for dermal filler treatment are on the face, but they can be administered in a surprising number of areas!

Earlobe rejuvenation

 A silly concept to some, many people are opting to have dermal filler in their earlobes and are extremely happy with the results!

As we age, we lose volume in our skin and collagen production slows down and eventually stops. This process occurs across our whole body, ears included. For many clients whose ears have been misshapen through the use of ear stretchers, heavy jewellery or even from accidents which has left scarring, the treatment is a great solution. Due to the treatment being non-surgical, the impact on the skin is incredibly low, meaning that you can resume wearing earrings very soon after. It’s recommended that you start small and light, but the option is there for you after relatively no downtime. On average, the filler in an earlobe will last around a year and will have to be topped up for continual results. Luckily for clients, the non-surgical aspect of the treatment keeps the cost of the treatment relatively low.

Hollow temples

A big sign of ageing is hollow temples on the forehead, and yet this is an often overlooked or forgotten area when thinking about anti-ageing. As we age, the bones surrounding the temples become more obvious since the skin begins to sag and lose its volume. This look of having hollow temples can make us appear ill and in general, unhealthy.

Due to the location of the temples, this treatment comes with more risks than other uses of dermal filler. If you’re considering this treatment, you must check the practitioner’s qualifications and credentials, to ensure the quality and skill. These checks should always be carried out, but especially with this type of treatment.

Acne scarring

Suffering from acne is bad and troubling enough, let alone the scarring some people are left with once the spots and blemishes have finally disappeared. Although mostly treated with chemical peels and Derma rolling treatments, some of the newer dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane can effectively treat acne scarring. The dermal fillers are used to fill in the gap behind the scar, in a way pushing it out and filling in the crevice. Each dermal filler works in a slightly different way, but their main function is to add volume to the skin, thus eliminating the scarring. For many people, this treatment is completely life-changing. Although the results from the treatment can be seen immediately, some fillers such as Bellafill work with the skin’s natural processes, meaning you will continue to see improvements over the next year post-treatment.

Foot filler

For many people, the skin beneath their feet has worn so thin that walking can become painful and they result to putting inserts in their shoes. Through injecting dermal fillers into the bottom of your feet, this gives your soles an extra layer of padding, meaning walking becomes a lot easier. Problems that have arisen from poor shoe choices and the burden of carrying your body weight are resolved.

The standard side effects associated with dermal fillers are also applicable to this treatment, i.e. swelling and bruising, but these will vanish within a week of the treatment.

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