Clarendon House | Leamington Spa


We are happy to announce that Clarendon House Dental Centre will be reopening on Monday 15th of June.

Due to COVID-19 we now have to comply with an extensive range of new guidelines and protocols and we have been working very hard to implement these changes. This has included re-arranging the waiting room, installing a Perspex screen at reception, acquiring a large amount of new personal protective equipment (PPE) and training for the whole team.

This means that your visits to the practice will look very different for a while but, as the government national COVID threat level reduces, so will the guidelines on social distancing and these new protocols will also change.

COVID-19 is a disease caused by the air-bourne virus SARS-CoV-2 and current evidence suggests it is transmitted by droplets and aerosols. Social distancing is an effective measure to reduce transmission by droplets since these larger, heavier particles drop quickly to the floor. Aerosols are created constantly when we breathe, talk, cough or sneeze and these smaller, lighter particles can spread further.

Because of the new guidelines, the national COVID-19 threat level and the availability of PPE, we are not permitted at the moment to carry out any procedures which create aerosols so this means we cannot do many routine procedures including fillings, crown and bridge preparations, ultra-sonic scaling or polishing of teeth.

Although we are unable to provide a full range of services, we have made the decision to re-open because we are very aware that, because of lock-down, many patients are over-due for their hygiene appointments.

New patients

Unfortunately, we are unable to see new patients at this present time because our priority is to catch up on the back log of treatments needed for our own patients.

Emergency appointments

Emergency appointments are available with Chris for anyone experiencing problems or for anyone requiring dental advice. Please be aware that we are restricted in the types of treatment we are able to provide at the moment but we are able to assess and diagnose problems, discuss options, place temporary fillings and crowns, and plan for any definitive treatment to be booked  as soon as possible.

Hygiene appointments

We have extended our hygienist hours to provide as many appointments as possible over the coming months.

We can provide hygiene therapy as usual except for not being able to use the ultra-sonic scaler or the polishing handpiece but we hope that these restrictions will be lifted soon.

Vulnerable patients

If you are over the age of 70 or if you have received a letter to say you are in the vulnerable or extremely vulnerable category, we are not permitted to see you for routine dental treatment such as dental hygiene until these restrictions are lifted.