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Looking After Your Lips

Looking After Your Lips

Do you overlook your lips? It’s easy to remember to cleanse and moisturise your face each day, and to apply sunscreen when it’s hot and sunny, but for most of us, our lips don’t even factor into our routines. In reality, your lips need the same care and attention as the rest of your face – so in this post, our experts here at our Leamington Spaclinic can give a guide on how to do just that.

1. Wise up on lipcare

Lipcare should be a big part of your skincare. After all, your lips frame your smile – so you want them to look as lovely and luscious as possible. Ensure you have an SPF factor lip balm or lipstick, and gently scrub with an exfoliating lip product at night-time to remove any dead cells from the surface. A moisturiser can also help, especially if you suffer from dry, cracked or chapped lips.

2. Eat and drink better

We’re all prone to the odd glass of wine and most of us could eat a little healthier, too. While doing so has great body benefits, you may also notice improvements in the lip area, too. For instance, keeping hydrated with water can help keep your lips moisturised. Glamour also reported that walnuts can work wonders, too, thanks to being rich in Omega-3 (which is thought to help with cell renewal).

3. Shape away with make-up

Make-up is the secret cheat to enhancing the shape and size of your lips. With lip liner, you can help define your lip contours and of course, a slick of lipgloss makes them stand out gorgeously. You can also try insider tricks like dabbing highlighter on your cupid’s bow to really make your smile pop.

4. Sculpt with lip fillers

Dermal fillers and lip fillers go a long way in creating a youthful appearance that’s fresh, plump and dewy. Our hyaluronic acid lip fillers moisturise while they enhance, so your lips look that bit juicier, while our experienced professionals know exactly which areas of your smile will give it lift and volume. Lip fillers sometimes get a bad rep, as we only hear about negative experiences and overblown smiles. In actual fact, dermal fillers are one of our everyday treatments and thanks to our skills and knowledge, we can give you that natural boost that keeps others guessing.

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We’re excited to start you on your journey to a more beautiful smile – and both dermal fillers and lip fillers can play a big part! Get in touch with our Leamington Spa clinic via our contact page and we’ll book you in for a consultation, then work with you to create a smile you’ll love to show off.