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Kick Bad Habits With Adult Braces

Kick Bad Habits With Adult Braces

If you’re considering Invisalign braces treatment, or any other type of clear adult braces, then good news – as well as getting straighter teeth and enjoying easy and simple treatment, you may also have some unexpected added benefits. Clear adult braces can enable you to kick some of those bad habits – so without further ado, our orthodontists share what they are and how the treatment could help.

Biting & chewing habits

Are you an anxious nail-biter? Do you find yourself tearing open packaging with your teeth? Or do you incessantly bite your pen lid when concentrating at school or work? All of these are incredibly damaging to your teeth, but with clear braces in your mouth, you’ll find them hard to keep up (and you won’t want to damage your adult braces, either!).

Constant snacking

It’s all-too tempting when working remotely to reach for the snack cupboard… Or to pop out for a break at work and grab a sweet treat to get you through the afternoon.  Because clear adult braces need removing for eating – which can be a bit fiddly and tiresome at times – it can help you cut down on those unhealthy snacks. (It might even help you lose weight!).

Fizzy pop

Carbonated drinks are one of the worst beverages for your teeth. As many are sugary, you’re heightening your chances of causing tooth decay. And, because they are high in acid, they can attack and erode tooth enamel. Incredibly, this can also be the case for sparkling water. Just like meals and snacks, you’ll need to take your adult braces out for these types of drinks – so you may find you cut down on the amount you have.


Our orthodontists will always recommend stopping, or cutting down on, smoking. Not only does it affect your oral health, but it’s bad for your overall health, too. In fact, cigarette smoke contains over 7000 chemicals, which are carried to each organ every time you inhale. For adult braces, it can also cause staining, too.

Dental routine

You’ll have to step up your cleaning game when you have adult braces, as not only will you need to clean your teeth, but you’ll need to soak and brush your trays, too. With your adult braces treatment, you’ll be forced to pay better attention to those pearly whites.

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