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Do adult braces have health benefits?

Do adult braces have health benefits? | Leamington Spa

Braces haven’t just been reserved for teenagers for some time now. With more and more adults realising that they can perfect their smile at any time, and that straighter teeth have greater health benefits, the rise of adult braces has been unignorable. Just because you reach a certain age, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to want to do something about a misaligned bite. After you learn of the health benefits of adult braces, you might be tempted yourself…

Adult braces decrease your risks of gum disease

When you have irregular gaps in your teeth, areas of your gums are left exposed that wouldn’t otherwise be visible if you had uniform teeth. These gaps leave areas of your gums vulnerable to bacteria. Furthermore, the bottoms of your teeth that meet with the gum line provide a place for plaque to collect. It hugs the bottoms of your teeth and sits atop the gum line, irritating it and causing the gums to recede and inflame. This often leads to tooth instability and even losing the affected tooth. Closing these gaps with adult braces lessens the contact that plaque and bacteria have with your gums, helping to keep gum disease at bay while bettering your cosmetic smile.

Adult braces decrease your risks of cavities

As well as decreasing your risks of gum disease, adult braces also help protect against unnecessary cavities. Irregular teeth overlap with each other and create a delineated surface with nooks and hideaways. These sheltered areas are difficult to clean properly, meaning that food debris and plaque can begin very easily to build-up there. This cycle of them being difficult to clean and therefore plaque deposits worsening continues to promote cavities and decay. By straightening wayward teeth with adult braces, you are creating a more even surface area of teeth that are easier clean and that provide less hidden shelter for nasty dental stowaways like plaque.

Adult braces can improve your bite and jaw health

Adult braces straighten your teeth, but were you aware of what a misaligned bite was doing to your jaw health and comfort? A misaligned bite can cause problems with your bite, which is what your orthodontist refers to as your occlusion, which can impact how you eat and speak. Even at rest, though, a misaligned bite can cause your jaws to rest irregularly or unevenly. This can put a lot of strain on your jaw joint and even cause discomfort through to your temples, neck, and shoulders. Straightening your teeth with adult braces helps them to sit more uniformly and therefore creates more of an even bite. This allows your teeth and jaw to more evenly share mouth function and pressure rather than parts of it receiving too much unnecessary wear and tear.

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