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Discreet braces offered by our orthodontist

Discreet adult braces offered by our orthodontist | Leamington Spa

We work very closely with not just one reputable orthodontist, but two in the Leamington Spa area. We’ve hand-selected these orthodontists because they offer some of the best treatment options for adult braces and discreet braces. Without much more hesitation, let’s delve into the orthodontist treatments we can refer you to!


Invisalign are the invisible braces that are truly paving the way for discreet adult orthodontics. They are clear, removable, and entirely personalised to your treatment journey. A series of Invisalign aligners are created from initial dental impressions taken from your teeth, each one in a slightly different position to the last. They gently usher your teeth into a straighter position whilst not limiting your diet like traditional braces, because you can simply remove them to eat and drink. If this invisible brace system has piqued your interest, we can arrange a consultation with an orthodontist partnered with us.


Lingual braces

Lingual braces are another innovation that one of our partnered orthodontists offers. Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces in that they are fixed to the teeth with wires and brackets, but with one fundamental difference: they fit onto the backs of your teeth instead of the front. This means that you can still receive the expert treatment from an orthodontist without the worry that your braces will look too obvious.


Tooth-coloured braces

If your bite problems or individual needs means that you do still need traditional braces – i.e. the kind that fit to the front of your teeth with wires and brackets – then our partnered orthodontists can also offer some discretion here too. Traditional braces with tooth-coloured brackets, so you can still receive exceptional orthodontist treatments without worrying about the unsightly train-track effect. If this is something you or a family member are considering, then we can of course help you find out more.


Orthodontist treatments

If you’re looking for a trust-worthy orthodontist in Leamington Spa, we can go one better and offer you a treatment journey with the two orthodontic practices that we work closely with. As a high-quality dental practice ourselves, we’re proud to be partnered with other leading professionals. To find out more about teeth straightening, contact us today on 01926 339993 and we can help streamline your research process to find the treatments and professionals you need.