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Considering Dental Implants

Dental implants

Many of us go about our daily lives without ever having to consider what dental implants are and whether or not we would want them. However, those affected by tooth loss, facial injury, or tooth extraction, might suddenly find themselves in the position of having to do a bit of research on them.

They are in fact prosthetic teeth, that fill a gap when you lose a natural tooth. Unlike traditional dentures, which are held in place with clasps and removed overnight, dental implants are secured into the gum with a titanium screw.

Why you should choose Clarendon House Dental spa

The dental implants we offer at our Leamington Spa practice offer many benefits. For a start they’ll give you more confidence in your smile, allowing you to smile whenever the mood takes you, without feeling embarrassed about it. To the outside world, you will appear to have a full, healthy set of teeth. This is because our Leamington Spa tooth implants are custom made to blend in with your existing teeth.

This may sound unbelievable, but dental implants can also help prevent you from ageing prematurely. The jawbone must be stimulated by the roots of your teeth in order for it to remain healthy. When a tooth and its root are removed, there’s a gap on the jawbone which isn’t being stimulated when you perform biting and chewing motions. Because this area isn’t being used, it begins to deteriorate. Your jawbone begins to atrophy.

The titanium roots of dental implants perfectly mimic the actions of natural tooth roots, which means your jawbone remains in good health, providing a solid structure to the face and helping you avoid the ‘caved in’ look that is often associated with traditional dentures.

If missing teeth are not replaced with contemporary dental implants, a number of humiliating incidents can occur. Your smile might be lopsided, as you subconsciously strive to keep your gap hidden and your bite can become lopsided too, as you start to favour the side of your mouth with more teeth on it to chew.

Bite problems can lead to teeth moving out of alignment, jaw ache and even headaches; a problem that will need to be rectified with lengthy, inconvenient orthodontic treatment, and one you could easily have avoided. Preserving your dental health and facial appearance are both great reasons to get dental implants from Clarendon House Dental Spa.

Booking a consultation For your dental implants in Leamington Spa

Chris and Hayley are our tooth implant experts here in Leamington Spa. They’ll need to examine your mouth before they can make a proper assessment of the work required before an implant can be fitted. They will put together a bespoke treatment plan for your teeth and keep you fully informed of every step.

Are you ready to restore your smile and give your mood a boost. Within a few weeks, you could be the proud owner of a beautiful new smile and ready to face the world with renewed confidence./ let us help you with that journey! Please call us to get your consultation booked in.

Contact us at Clarendon House Dental Care in Leamington Spa if you have any questions about dental implants. To book a consultation at our dental practice give us a call on: 01926 339993 or fill out our simple contact form.