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A Guide to Orthodontics

A Guide to Orthodontics - Leamington Spa - Clarendon Blog

At Clarendon House, a dental practice in Leamington Spa, we focus on creating a healthy, happy smile for each and every one of our patients. In this post, we’ll look at how orthodontists can help you achieve your dream smile through adult braces.

Why choose adult braces?

Our teeth are precious to us, and every one of us wants a functioning and beautiful smile they can feel proud of. Here at our dental practice in Leamington Spa, we recommend reputable orthodontists who use safe, effective and gentle methods to help restructure the smile and align teeth that may be crowded, particularly spaced out, or causing bite problems.

While teeth-straightening techniques are usually associated with teens and children, there’s still a need for adult braces. As we age, our teeth can slowly shift position, and teeth can also misalign when enamel wears over time. Teeth that have been extracted – whether due to an injury or decay – can leave behind gaps, which the teeth may move into, also affecting our smiles. So, an orthodontist can help restore your smile and keep it looking beautiful.

What are the benefits to adult braces?

In Leamington Spa, we see the transformative results of braces day after day. Aside from cosmetic improvements to your smile, when your teeth are properly aligned, you can clean them better – meaning you reduce the risk of decay and gum disease.

In addition, as an orthodontist will tell you – you’re never too old to start your journey to a beautiful smile!

What adult brace options are available?

There are lots of different types of adult brace, all of which are more discreet than traditional wire and bracket braces, and which can be more comfortable and easy to wear:

* Near-invisible, clear aligners from Invisalign, which can be easily removed
* Fixed adult braces now offer subtle, tooth-coloured brackets
* Lingual adult braces are hidden away in the mouth, fixed to the back of teeth

Which option should I try?

Your orthodontist takes a number of factors into account when making a decision about your adult braces. What’s your budget? How long do you want treatment to last? Are you concerned over how visible your braces are? Do you want a fixed option? – These are all good questions for you to think about, too.

If you’re interested in the treatment, please get in touch with our team today – we’d be happy to help!