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COVID-19 Update
We are happy to announce that Clarendon House Dental Centre will be reopening on Monday 15th of June.
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Keeping you safe - your new patient journey
You can rest assured that we have been keeping you safe with our rigid decontamination processes for over 20 years. Due to COVID-19, we have made some changes at the practice and this is what you can expect the next time you visit. We really appreciate your cooperation and hope to return to a more normal service soon!
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A big welcome to students from your Leamington Spa dentist


The Leamington Spa council has just given the go-ahead for new student accommodation to be built in the town centre. It can be daunting moving away from home for the first time, especially as there are so many things you have to do for yourself, instead of relying on your parents to sort you out.

When it comes to choosing a dentist, the Clarendon House Dental practice prides itself on being student friendly. We welcome student patients and will worry about keeping your teeth healthy and clean, whilst you let your nutritional standards slip occasionally and order a takeaway or perhaps overindulge in fizzy drinks such as Coke, lemonade and Prosecco!

Students are commonly accused of living off takeaway curries and if you recognise that this could well become a habit of yours, are you aware of the staining potential curry can have on your teeth? Worry not though, because our revolutionary teeth whitening system will be able to whiten your teeth by several shades. Red wine and coffee are also known for their staining habits.

Without your parents nearby to tell you not to eat so many sweets and chocolates, do you suspect you might indulge in sugary treats more often? If that is the case, you’ll probably benefit from one of our Leamington spa based dentists examining your teeth regularly to ensure you’re not suffering from the effects of tooth decay. Fillings can be unsightly and unpleasant to fit, but regular examinations are a good preventative measure.

The convenience of having a dentist based in Leamington Spa means you won’t have the inconvenience of travelling home when you experience tooth pain, or if you need a check up. Our hygienist will also ensure your breath remains sweet smelling; an important factor in making new friends!

If there’s anything bothering you about the appearance of your teeth; such as alignment problems, chips or cracks, we offer a number of cosmetic treatments that could give you more confidence in your smile. Please ask us for more details when we meet.

If you’re looking for a dental practice in the Leamington spa area, please give our reception team a call to find out more about registering with us, the benefits we offer and how little you’ll have to pay. Let us remove at least one stress for you during this transition to living independently! We look forward to looking after your teeth.