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4 Reasons To Consider Adult Braces

4 Reasons To Consider Adult Braces

When it comes to our teeth, everyone wants a healthy smile that looks great – and makes them feel good, too. That’s why adult braces are such a popular treatment, even if there’s nothing major you need to tweak with your teeth.

In this post, our dentists here at our Leamington Spa dental practice talk about 5 reasons our patients come to us for adult braces – or reasons we may recommend them. If you find yourself agreeing with any one of these points, then we recommend popping in to see our orthodontist (see booking details at the bottom of this post). Without further ado, here are those 5 reasons!

1.You have bite problems

Lots of people want adult braces because they have problems with their bite – in other words, their teeth don’t meet ‘correctly’ when your mouth is closed. From overhanging top teeth (overbite) to bottom teeth that stick out (underbite) to a combination (crossbite), or even a gap (open bite), there’s lots of scenarios that braces can help improve.

Those with bite problems may find chewing difficult or uncomfortable, and without treatment, you can develop complications, such as wear on the teeth and gums.

2.You have pain

Whether the pain is constant or only when eating, or you suffer from something seemingly unrelated such as headaches, it’s important to seek treatment from your orthodontist. Other complications include things like lockjaw, where your jaw seems to ‘stick’ and not open fully.

Of course, without treatment, your pain is unlikely to improve and other complications could develop.

3.Your smile doesn’t make you happy

You deserve a smile you can be proud of, and one that you want to share, not hide away. That’s the power of orthodontics – because through correcting your teeth, we can give you a smile that’s uniquely yours and beautifully straightened. What’s more, that newfound confidence can positively impact on so many other areas of your life – leaving you free to worry about more important things!

4.You have speech problems

Smiles that cause speech problems aren’t as common as other issues, but our dentists still do see them here at our Leamington Spa dental practice. Of course, some types of adult brace can temporarily cause speech problems too, when getting used to them, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.

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We love to help our patients look and feel better than they thought possible – that’s the ultimate reward! With adult braces, we can help take your teeth from problematic to perfect, and return your your smile and confidence. Ask us today how we can help!